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Quality snowmobile tours in Red River New Mexico since 1986

I have never ridden a snowmobile. Is it difficult?

Snowmobiles are easy to operate. There are no gears to shift or clutch to work.

They are much like a ATV or jet ski with an automatic transmission, just give them gas and they go, hit the break and they stop. You have hand controls for the gas and the brakes.

As a great many of our customers are inexperienced riders, our guides are trained and experienced at giving an in-depth orientations to make sure you understand how to safely operate the snowmobile and will be happy to offer additional assistance along the trail should the need arise.

What do I wear?

Normally if you have "ski" clothing or winter wear, that is usually adequate. After ski boots, moon boots or sorrels are fine. However, the Red River Sled Shed does provide one-piece snowmobile suits as well as boots and helmets at no additional charge, if needed. Be sure to bring your own gloves and eye protection (sunglasses or goggles) and a neck warmer if desired. Helmets are required, and are furnished at no charge or you may bring your own.

What do you do on a tour?

WE HAVE FUN! All of the Red River Sled Shed tours take you to the most scenic spots you can get to in the time allowed. All tours have a scenic trail ride in the Carson National Forest as well as "play time" in a meadow.

How many people can ride on one machine?

Our machines are designed to handle one or two people comfortably. They have a king/queen seat with a backrest.

Do I need a reservation?

We will certainly try to accommodate you without reservations, provided we have the space available. However due to the Red River Sled Shed's reputation for quality service at competitive prices, we tend to fill up fast, especially during peak holiday periods. To insure you get the length of tour you want at the time you want, reservations  are recommended. Usually it's best to reserve a week or so in advance. Feel free to email us or call us at 800-395-0121.

What ages can drive a snowmobile?

The state of New Mexico requires that any driver under the age of 18  be certified on off road vehicles. You can do this at www.b4uride.com.   If they have taken a safety class in another state on ATV's, water craft etc. that certification will work in New Mexico.  Please call us if you have any questions. We don't have a minimum age to ride.

Is there any additional costs such as permit fees associated with the price of the snowmobile tour?

No, there are no additional charges aside from sales tax, we pay all registration fees, permit fees etc.